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We assemble and manufacture Vehicles, Heavy-duty Trucks and Agricultural Tractors.


Our range of pick-ups include:

  • Single cabin (4×2),
  • Double cabin (4×2 or 4×4),

These pick-ups can be used for the conveyance of small number of passengers but can also be modified with closed cargo body and also for use as security patrol/escort vehicles.


Our range of light duty trucks include:

  • 1 Ton (petrol engine),
  • 2.5 Ton (petrol & diesel engine),
  • 3.5 Ton (diesel engine), &
  • 5 Ton (diesel engine).

These vehicles are mainly used for the short distance conveyance of goods either as cargo trucks or they can be modified with closed body construction to carry goods more securely.  They can also be fitted with other features such as water tanker, people carrier, refrigerated units etc.


Our medium duty trucks include 10, 15 or 20 tons able to be modified as cargo truck, crane truck, water tanker, tipper etc.


Our range include Single-axle (4×2) trailer head and Double-axle (6×4) trailer heads.


Our range of Tippers include 10 tons, 20 tons & 30 tons and can also be of various drive-lines including 4×2, 4×4, 6×4, 6×6 and 8×4.


We have a range of vehicles which are of specific customer request and these include crane trucks, fire fighting trucks, water tankers, diesel/PMS tankers, sewage scavenger, skid loaders, garbage compactors etc.


We have been providing quality mini-buses (15-seater) to various customers over the years and these mini-buses can also be modified or converted to cargo buses or ambulances.

We would also be able to work closely with our customers to select further range of buses which include city buses or coaches, both of higher seating capacity of up to 50 persons.


We also provide a varied range of agricultural tractors along with required implements according to customer requirements from 40hp – 90hp size engines.  We will also be able to assist in the provision of more specialized agricultural equipment such as combine harvesters.

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The installed capacity of various vehicles is as follow;

  • Agriculture Tractor 40-95HP 5,000/ Annum
  • Agriculture Implements 25,000/ Annum
  • Heavy Duty Trucks 266 HP TO 420HP 800/ Annum
  • Light Duty Trucks 1 Ton to 5 Ton 500 / Annum
  • Pickup/Mini Buses 15-Seater 400/Annum
  • Tri-Cycle 150-200CC 10,000/ Annum
  • Oil Tanker /Water Tanker 10000ltr-45000ltr 500/ Annum
  • Troop Carrier 200/ Annum
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